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Comvita Skintensive Cream

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Comvita Skintensive Cream
Product Use : Comvita Skintensive Cream promotes the natural healing of minor wounds and improve cosmetic results.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Comvita
1 tube of Comvita Skintensive Cream 25g NZD $12.60  
2 tubes of Comvita Skintensive Cream 25g NZD $24.80  
3 tubes of Comvita Skintensive Cream 25g NZD $36.90  
5 tubes of Comvita Skintensive Cream 25g NZD $61.00  
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Information - Comvita Skintensive Cream

Comvita Skintensive Cream contains 30% UMF 18+ Active Manuka Honey. This cream helps to soften and moisturise scar tissue resulting in improved cosmetic results for you. It also has antibacterial properties. This cream is combined with avocado oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin E, which helps to nourish the skin, improving the appearance of recently damaged skin. It can be used for minor grazes and scatches, bumps and bruises, dry scaly skin and pruritis, itching of the skin.

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor), was first identified at New Zealand's Waikato University, and is a phytochemical activity in addition to the hydrogen peroxide found in ordinary honey, making UMF 18+ one of the most potent honeys in the world. UMF 18+ Active Manuka Honey's antibacterial properties are known to assist the natural immune defences of the skin. Manuka Honey has been shown to be effective in assisting the natural healing of an extensive range of minor wound types.


Apply up to four times daily to the affected area.


UMF 18+ Active Manuka Honey, avocado oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin E.

Important Notes

Do not use where there is a known allergy to honey. Allergy to bee stings does not prevent the use of this product.


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