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Licener Single Dose Treatment

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Licener Single Dose Treatment
Product Use : With Licener Single Treatment you can kill lice and nits in just 10 minutes, with no combing!
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Mayne Pharma
1 bottle of Licener Single Dose Treatment 100ml NZD $23.70
2 bottles of Licener Single Dose Treatment 100ml NZD $46.60
3 bottles of Licener Single Dose Treatment 100ml NZD $69.30
5 bottles of Licener Single Dose Treatment 100ml NZD $114.50
Information - Licener Single Dose Treatment

Licener has proven its effectiveness through clinical studies on children suffering from head lice. The shampoo is soft on the skin and hair, does not sting, and does not contain chemical smelling components. This unique treatment contains the active ingredient, Neem-extract. The natural extract ensures that the breathing apparatus of the lice are blocked, and the oxygen transportation is disrupted. The lice will suffocate within only a few minutes. The extract also completely covers the head lice eggs (nits) and the protective shell of the nits is broken down so Licener kills both the lice and nits in a single treatment.


Shampoo hair using product in usual manner


Active ingredient: Neem-extract


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