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Mebo Burn Repair

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Mebo Burn Repair
Product Use : Mebo burn repair is especially formulated to treat all burns, including scalds and sunburn.
Classification : OTC Pharmacy Only Medicine
(No Prescription Required)
Manufacturer Name : Mebo
1 tube of Mebo Burn Repair 40g NZD $35.70
2 tubes of Mebo Burn Repair 40g NZD $70.40
3 tubes of Mebo Burn Repair 40g NZD $104.40
5 tubes of Mebo Burn Repair 40g NZD $172.50
Information - Mebo Burn Repair

Mebo Burn Repair helps to clear away toxic material and aids the natural repair and regeneration of new skin. Mebo Burn Repair provides a soothing and cooling effect on the skin.
Mebo Burn Repair is a 100 percent natural ointment, which assists the natural healing and repair of all burns, scalds and sunburn. Mebo Burn repair is used in over 5000 hospitals and by more than 9000 doctors worldwide for the treatment of severe burns.


Minor scalding and burns, including sunburn: Smear ointment to 1mm thickness over the burn as quickly as possible. Every 4-6 hours gently wipe off the residual ointment and reapply. Take care to avoid irritating the damaged skin.
More serious burns: Smear ointment to a 2mm thickness. Carefully cut any blisters and discharge fluid. DO NOT remove affected tissue at this early stage. Every 4-6 hours gently wipe off the residual ointment and reapply. DO NOT use disinfectanct or water to clean the wound. Healing usually takes 6-7 days.


  • Radix scutellariae
  • Cortex phellodendri
  • Rhizoma coptidis
  • sesame oil
  • beeswax

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