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Remifemin Sleep Tablets

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Remifemin Sleep Tablets
Product Use : Remifemin Sleep Tablets promote calmness and sleep
Classification : General Health Product
1 packet of Remifemin Sleep Tablets 30 tabletsNZD $34.20
2 packets of Remifemin Sleep Tablets 60 tabletsNZD $67.40
3 packets of Remifemin Sleep Tablets 90 tabletsNZD $99.90
5 packets of Remifemin Sleep Tablets 150 tabletsNZD $165.00
Information - Remifemin Sleep Tablets

Remifemin Sleep Tablets are calming during the day and induce natural sleep at night. Sleep by Remifemin provides natural relief from the insomnia and restless symptoms associated with all stages of menopause.

Sleep by Remifemin contains a proprietary blend of plant extracts that work naturally with your body to: Promote calm and restfulness Support the onset of sleep and healthy sleep quality and quantity Allow you to wake refreshed with no daytime sleepiness


Take 2 tablets half an hour before going to bed. In extreme cases of sleeplessness (especially when caused by anxiety) take 2 tablets 2-3 times a day.


Each tablet contains: 75mg dry extract of Valeriana Officionalis in a drug to extract ratio of 5-6:1 ( extractant is ethanol70%(V/V): 23mg extract of Humulus Lupulus in a drug extract ratio of 4-8:1, the extractant is methanol 40%(V/V) 45mg dry extract of Meilssa Offinalis in a drug to extract ratio of 4-6:1 extracted in water. Contains sugar


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