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Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum

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Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum
Product Use : Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum Teether provides comfort for sore gums during painful teething.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Jackel International Ltd
1 Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum TeetherNZD $10.10  
2 Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum TeethersNZD $19.80  
3 Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum TeethersNZD $29.40  
5 Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum TeethersNZD $48.50  
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Information - Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum

Tommee Tippee Cool-A-Gum Teether is "Made from durable non-toxic plastic filled with safe purified water. Easy to grasp rabbit shaped handle keeps teether cool and gently ridged surface soothes tender gums. Provides comfort for sore gums during painful teething. Cool only in a domestic refrigerator, do not place in a freezer compartment. Immerse in baby bottle sterilising solution in accordance to manufacturers instructions." 

Important Notes

Suitable for children aged 3-18 months. Do not boil or steam sterilise.


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